Our Interior Design Talent Team


Casa Creatives Club is a team packed full of active professionals working in the industry. We have a whole host of professional interior designers covering all disciplines of design; from award winning architectural interior designers to experienced designers that have been working in the industry for over 30 years (with thousands of happy clients), and everything in between. We are a varied and talented team of professional interior designers covering all styles and disciplines.

To further enrich your Casa Creatives Club membership we have a terrific trades team on hand to give you advice and guidance on practical matters that you may face on your interior design journey.

Best of all, we are not finished in our mission to bring you the best interiors dream team imaginable. We will continually assess the needs of our creatives and ensure you have access to exactly what you need, when you need it.

This is the start of an exciting adventure, read more about some of our talent team before you come and join our team below.



Natalie Gisborne


Natalie is an accomplished professional interior designer with a savvy business background. Known and loved for her adventurous spirit, Natalie founded Casa Uniqua back in 2013 to share her love of original and unique design. Since then she has made a name for herself in the interior design field, while also building Casa Uniqua into a successful business that gives her the freedom to design her lifestyle as she chooses.

Inspired to pay forward her own knowledge to help others pursue their own dreams of working in interior design, Natalie created Casa Creatives Club as an antidote to underwhelming distance learning providers that lack interaction and community contribution. Knowing first-hand how personal advice and guidance from mentors accelerates learning, Natalie designed the Club to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience for those wanting to develop their interior design skillset.


Julie is a professional interior designer with over 30 years of experience in residential interiors.

She has spent the past 17 years running a successful interiors studio, where she undertakes a variety of projects ranging from single rooms to orchestrating whole house designs. Obsessed with wallpaper, fabric and paint, Julie is excited to be on the Casa Creatives team and looks forward to being part of your design journey.  

Design Obsession

Wallpaper, fabric & paint



A talented professional Interior Designer who heads her own studio, Mint Interior Design, Helen studied Interior Design at the National Design Academy and has been working successfully in the interiors business for many years. She has built quite a name for herself, tackling projects of all sizes with remarkable style and endless creativity. There’s nothing Helen enjoys more than colour and pattern, mixing old with new and combining different pieces, resulting in beautiful décor schemes and ecstatic clients. Her originality, design expertise and creative vision will be valuable resources to Casa Creatives.

Design Obsession

Colour & pattern, mixing old with new

Gintare Sidaraviciute

Gintare is an Interior Architectural Designer who recently graduated with first class degree honours from Southhampton Solent University, where she was the recipient of the NAS Young Designer of the Year Award for 2017.  With a keen eye and enthusiastic outlook, Gintare is proficient in current professional interior design software, and has an excellent knowledge of design styles, architecture, space planning, furniture design and materials. She currently freelances for several interior design firms using Sketchup and VRay for residential and commercial 3D renders. With Gintare’s passion for design and technology expertise, she brings a fresh set of ideas and skills to the Casa Creatives team.

Design Obsession

Space planning, furniture design and architecture

Gintare Sidaraviciute interior designer


Alyson has been refurbishing and designing homes for some 30 years, while working in a variety of careers in the UK and abroad.

However, in 2002, Alyson turned her love of interiors in to a full time career, after opening her first very eclectic interior stores in central London. Since then, she has been designing, project managing and furnishing, boutique hotels, show homes and offices for business clients, as well interior designing and styling homes for residential clients. With a flair for colour, eclectic-fusion design and a real mix of contemporary and old, Alyson has a style that is interesting, stylish and never ordinary.

Her expertise in interiors, business and social media, makes her a perfect fit for The Casa Creatives Club, where she will be on hand to answer your questions, help you with some of your problems and lead some great knowledge based classes later this year.

Design Obsession

Blending beauty with functionality



Jane Brookbanks

Soft furnishing expert Jane has run her own successful business, JB interiors, for over 25 years. An expert in creating exquisite window treatments and soft furnishings for a spectrum of clients all over the UK and beyond. We are super proud to have Jane's immense mind of knowledge, talent and creativity on our team.

Jane is also an experienced mentor having taught at the National Design Academy for a number of years. With a passion for inspiring and helping others, Jane is your go to girl for any soft furnishings dilemmas.

Expert Speciality

Window treatments & soft furnishings

Martin Goodall

Owner and head honcho at MG Designs since 2007, a bespoke luxury upholstery and furniture manufacturer based in the worldly renowned district of Long Eaton, Nottingham - the centre of excellence for UK furniture makers.

With a career of over 30 years and experience with some of the best names in the industry (Artforma, Duresta, Gascoines Designs, Steed Upholstery), Martin is our go-to Master Craftsman on all things upholstery. Martin trained in Gothenburg Sweden as the first Leather Master Technician in the UK and has continued growing and evolving as a master in his craft. Martin currently produces furniture for Heals and And so to Bed (to name but a few) with an emphasis on Long Eaton quality with contemporary style.

Martin brings an immense skill-set to Casa Creatives Club, and we are super proud to have in on our team. There is nothing Martin doesn't know about upholstery and he is your go to guy for anything upholstery related. When he's not travelling the globe sourcing the best fabrics, leathers and upholstery, Martin loves spending time with family and friends, he's super friendly and a lot of fun, we know you'll love him.

Expert Speciality

Furniture, upholstery, fabrics & leather

james maughan design and planning

james maughan

With 19 years of experience in the construction industry, James has made a name for himself as a Design and Planning Expert with exceptionally high standards. Currently Design Manager at Torsion Group Limited, James deals with design and management of new build accommodation. He has a solid reputation in the construction industry and believes in being involved in every project from concept to completion.

Professional Interior Designers rely on James’ extensive knowledge to provide advice on all aspects of the planning and design process, from permitted developments and building regulations, to understanding planning jargon and negating common pitfalls. If you have a planning or design question, James is your Casa Creatives guy. 

Expert Speciality

High end design & planning

rob watson

With a degree in Fine Art and Photography, Rob Watson has always been driven by his love of art and passion for creativity. An accomplished artist in silk screen, water colours and oil, Rob is also a talented photographer and the creative force behind the beautiful photography sets and technical creations at Casa Uniqua Interiors, where he also heads up the photography studio.

Gifted in construction as well. Rob has remodelled his home and constructed his own workshop in his garden. He is in his element immersed in creative projects. With brilliant ideas and an incredible ability to visualise a design concept, Rob was an obvious choice to mentor our Casa Creatives.

Expert Speciality

Art, photography & construction


simon walters

Simon is a professional Landscape and Garden Designer with years of experience in making commercial and residential landscapes flourish.  Fuelled by a passion for natural beauty and the great outdoors, Simon has a wealth of knowledge in horticultural design. He and his talented team at SL Walters offer a comprehensive range of landscape gardening services including hard and soft landscaping, planting schemes and patio design.

Their work has literally changed the landscapes of some prominent businesses in their community, such as Rolls Royce, Leivers & Millership and Frank Goulding. When it comes to curb appeal, Simon knows everything there is to know about creating exceptional outdoor spaces.  What a great asset he will be to our Casa Creatives club members!

Expert Speciality

Garden design & landscaping


Malc is a professional Kitchen & Bathroom Expert with decades of experience in the construction industry. A multidisciplinary craftsman who wears many hats, Malc understands the construction process from concept to completion and has mastered several crafts throughout his impressive career. From intricate tile work, welding and plumbing to joinery work, patio design and landscaping, Malc does it all. His extensive list of clients includes both commercial and residential property owners.

Malc designed and constructed his own home from scratch, completing the majority of the work himself. We knew instantly that this construction dynamo would be a valuable asset to the Casa Creatives team.

Expert Speciality

Kitchens & Bathrooms


Do you feel you have something to add to our fabulous team of professionals, trades and experts? Are you looking for a fresh new challenge? We would love to hear from professionals that feel they have something special to offer our Casa Creatives Club members. Send an email to thestudio@casacreativesclub.com, we look forward to hearing from you!

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