How to discover your interior design style

Figuring out how to define your interior design style, regardless of whether you’re interested in home décor or not, can be a complex task. It can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re faced with a decorating project and you’re not sure where to even begin.

But by spending a little time working out what interior design you love (and more importantly what you loathe), you can save precious time and avoid costly mistakes.

The great thing about being sure in your sense of style is that you’ll soon discover shops that cater just for you – for example independent retailer Rose & Grey are perfect for anything mid-century inspired, Audenza, meanwhile, is designed for those bold, brave decorators and Sweetpea & Willow caters for those luxe, Parisian interior fans.

Take a look around your home right now. Does it have a definitive style, or is it a mismatch of various pieces you’ve bought along the way, and you now crave a more cohesive story running throughout? If it’s the latter, then we’ve pulled together some simple ways in how to find your interior design style.

Take a look around you.....

OK, so take a tour around your home and make note of pieces that stand out, or pieces you gravitate towards. Do you feel instantly calm when you walk into a more neutral space, or do you feel excited when you’re in a more colour-filled room? Are you more drawn to a particular piece of artwork? Or does the sofa bring you out in cold sweats?

Physically write these things down instead of making a note in your head. Don’t only write down the things you love, make a separate list of things you’re not so keen on so you can decide a plan of action to replace (or hide) these items as the process goes on.

When you’re looking for common elements throughout, you’ll start to notice pieces re-occurring as you walk through the house. If I were to carry this exercise out right now, here’s the list of commonalities in my 2-bed apartment that I’d be able to use for future decorating or shopping projects:

  • Pink
  • Natural Woods
  • Faux Flowers
  • Metalics such as gold and brass
  • Abstract prints
  • Neutral with a pop of colour
  • Fun, feminine decorative items
  • Cosy with plenty of soft furnishings like sheepskin throws and cushions

Make a similar list and see what kind of pattern emerges.

Gather inspiration

A great way to spend a cold evening in is to grab a hot chocolate (or something equally as warming) and begin gathering inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing tool for working out what you’re drawn to – instead of traditional scrapbooking, just start to scroll down the Pinterest feed and pin images to a new (secret if you wish) board.

It doesn’t even need to be images of interiors, it can be something in a particular colour you love, or a texture you’re attracted to. Once you’ve pinned 30 images or so, you’ll be able to see a common theme. Perhaps some of this is already in your house? If you’ve pinned a whole lot of country cottage inspired images, cushions and candles, but you take a look at home and it’s all clean lines, modern designs and a leather sofa, there might be some realigning to do once you have a clear idea of your interior style.

Streamline & rearrange to suit your interior design style

You now have a list and a moodboard of styles you love. Do a tour of the house again and take away the pieces you put on your “not so bothered about” list. If this is a large piece of furniture such as the sofa, for example, consider using throws and cushions to style it differently to suit your interior preference, until you can afford to reinvest in something new.

Only buy things that work with your new curated style

Although developing your personal interior design style can take years – I’m only just finalising my apartment after 5 years of living here. The key moving forward is to only buy things for the home which fit into your new curated style. At Casa Creatives Club we know how easy it is to buy something you love the look of in the shop, only then to get it home and realise it doesn’t fit in anywhere. It’s frustrating and it makes you question your personal style.

Of course, if you’re a huge fan of mix and match interiors and don’t see anything wrong in buying something you love regardless of where it’s going to fit, then you already have a strong interior style. It’s what we like to call eclectic – you don’t need our help, oh stylish one.

Could you describe your personal interior design style? The idea here isn’t to pigeonhole you into a generic box such as “country cottage” or “contemporary”. It’s for you to see what elements you love in the home and how you can add more of those moving forward.  Make it into a place that you love to return to.