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Are you looking for some interior design inspiration? We have taken our decades of knowledge and created our go to reading list of inspiring content for you to devour. This is not just interior design tech, this is the living breathing life of the reading material we choose to inspire our minds and creations.

Good designers feed their heads, be that for inspiration or sourcing, or to admire or disapprove. There is no such thing as a bad design book, every book has something to teach us, be that good or bad, something to train your designers eye in what you love or loath. Here are some of our most adored tomes to inspire you. Read on to see what our designers have picked as their favourite reads and sources of inspiration....

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The World of Interiors

The world of interiors inspires a devotion in those who have a passion for design. Authoritative, relevant and lavish, the world of interiors is one of the foremost designand decoration titles in the world. Launched in 1981, this inspiring and groundbreaking magazine has won international acclaim.


Livingetc is the UK’s bestselling modern home interior magazines; from high-end design to high street finds, Livingetc edits the best of modern home design and lifestyle buys. 

Elle Decoration

The authority on style and design, ELLE Decoration showcases the world’s most beautiful homes and makes good design accessible to everyone through its mix of styles, products and price points. ELLE Decoration is the style magazine for your home. Everything you need to know to decorate bedrooms to bathrooms. It's useful, beautiful and inspirational.

New York Spaces

A luxury interior design integrated marketing brand that inspires readers through lavish coverage of the best homes, gardens interiors and products found in the New York metro area. Whether our readers want to buy or build a luxury home, renovate and decorate their current space, or complete a current collection, New York Spaces provides them with the resources they need to turn their ideas into reality.

Why I love this book...(ahem magazine!)

I have bought and used many design books (bibles) in my time. I have found though, that they are quickly out of date (visually) and not always full of the topics I am looking for to gain my inspiration or knowledge. They can also be quite pricey and take up so much space!. So, over the years, I began looking at monthly and quarterly publications of interiors and architectural magazines – both UK and abroad. These are up to date, inspirational in designs and architecture and provide me with a range of tips and techniques I find useful. Over the last few years, the digital world has allowed me to access these easily on my phone and laptop too.

Interior Design Visual Presentation: A Guide to Graphics, Models and Presentation Techniques

This updated revision of the best–selling resource for interior designers offers comprehensive coverage of all of the visual design and presentation skills that interior designers need to know, from initial sketches and drawings to final rendering and presentation models. It devotes discrete chapters to the topics of manual, freehand, and digital drawing and features updated content throughout, including the latest information on digital presentation software like Photoshop, SketchUp, Revit, and AutoCAD. High–quality, colour images throughout offer additional guidance, helping to make this book a perfect comprehensive learning tool for students.

Why I love this book...

I used this book extensively as an interior design student and it provided me with an immense amount of technical skill throughout my studies and now within my profession.  It shows you how to make a perfect presentation for a client, how to build 3D Models, create mood boards, draw sketches and etc. It is quite an insightful book when comes to presentations.

Colour now

Want to add some colour to your home but just don't know where to start? Love blue but don't know which shade to choose? In this dazzling new book, Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud has taken all the hard work out of home decorating by researching, selecting and combining over 120 particular colours into 70 tried-and-tested palettes that are guaranteed to transform your home. A stunningly produced sourcebook, it has been put together by an acknowledged expert in the field of paint and colour and printed by the astonishingly accurate hexachromatic ( six colour) process. Each palette provides a blueprint for a decorative scheme that you can transfer to your own home confident in the knowledge that it has been sourced by a renowned authority on colour, while every swatch in Kevin McCloud's Cool Colours can also be individually matched to a commercially available paint to help you effortlessly achieve your chosen look. A short introduction describes the history of colour and its replication, colour theory, how to combine colours into a palette and advice on how to use the book. Thereafter the bulk of the book is devoted to the colour palettes themselves - each made up of a collection of between 3 and 8 colour swatches and featuring an inspirational photograph demonstrating its possible use. Every palette is also introduced by a short piece of text describing its influences, potential and variety. Whether your choice is period or modern, rustic or urban, the text and photographs will show how the colours can be used in a variety of ways. Kevin McCloud's Cool Colours will be a must-have purchase for anyone considering changing the colours of their home. This is a unique and invaluable reference book, which is destined to remain on the shelves for years, or even decades.

Why I love this book...

One of my all time favourite books. I am obsessed with colour and this book enabled me to not only understand the theory of colour but to also understand how and why things work together. It is such a happy book to look at, I dip in an out and use it as a continual source of inspiration for the projects I work on. It's a book that will forever form part of my design arsenal. If you have a love for colour, I know this book will bring you an immense amount of joy, just as it has for me! 

Andrew Martin Interior Design Review

For design professionals and fans of innovative contemporary interior design alike, high-end interior designer Andrew Martin once again brings the year's best designers together in one fabulous, comprehensive tome. You'll find everything from sleek Scandinavian design to luxurious ideas from the Far East, from minimalism to opulence, and from household names to industry newbies. Regardless of who is named "Andrew Martin Designer of the Year," an always-successful mix of wildly differing yet totally up-to-the-minute styles in the world of interior design is proudly displayed on over 500 pages. Inspiring, informative, and a feast for the eyes, Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 21, is like visiting one of the many Andrew Martin showrooms around the globe. The company, founded in Richmond in 1978 by Martin Waller, offers a diverse and extensive selection of designer items. Look no further for the loveliest wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, lamps, and many other items to give any room that unique personal touch. It is the company philosophy to employ a mix of furnishings from different influences, across historical eras and national borders, to create style, elegance, and comfort that escape the everyday. It's no wonder that this ambition is reflected in Interior Design Review: the finest international furnishings, or simply the very best that the interior design world has to offer.

Why I love this book...

I have a couple of the Andrew Martin Review books, I have used them to gain an immense amount of inspiration over the years. Most pages are well thumbed and the book is covered in posit-it notes for reference. They have introduced me to many differing concepts that have helped me evolve as a designer. I pick this book to read for pleasure, if I'm ever feeling uncreative, or if I need a different angle, I can be sure I will find something amongst the pages!

Dream Homes Country

With its perfect combination of new and old, romance, nostalgia and comfort, country style has universal appeal. From a converted barn in the English Cotswolds to a Mallorcan finca, and from a Russian dacha to a grand Swiss villa, the 100 fabulous interiors featured in this book will provide endless inspiration for city dwellers seeking to escape the fast pace of urban living, and committed countryside lovers contemplating the restoration or refurbishment of their rural idyll. Johanna Thornycroft describes how colour, pattern and the sympathetic use of traditional materials and finishes have been employed in each project to create a confident and relaxed style, while beautiful images by leading interiors photographer Andreas von Einsiedel bring to life the charm and character of every house.

Why I love this book...

This was one of my first design book purchases when I started in interior design many years ago, it helped me find the designer in me with page after page of total drool worthy interiors, I was completely hooked and knew I had found the style I adored. It's packed full of (100 to be precise) totally incredible country interiors from all over the world. Whilst produced some while ago, trends come and go, but there is something quite timeless about country interiors. It's a book I pick up often, it's a book packed full of post-it notes and stickers (the best sort), a book I have given as a gift.....and a book that I will always adore. I have even been known to plan trips around it! 

We are creating extensive reading list for Casa Creatives Club members that include not just the technical interior design reading materials, but volumes of inspiration that will help inspire you in the real world of interiors.

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