Best Interiors Trends 2018

Looking for some creative inspiration for you home decorating projects? We've been keeping an eye on all the emerging interiors trends for you to get inspired in the year ahead. Read on for a complete list of the best interiors trends 2018 for everything that's hot right now....

Statement Ceilings

Looks like the interiors world is looking up, quite literally. Searches on Pinterest for statement ceiling are up over 300% over last year as people are looking for new creative ways to add statement to a room.

We think simplicity is the key to success when thinking about adding statement ceilings to your home decor scheme, keeping it simple with the other elements lower down will create the focal point and balance the effect, creating visual harmony that isn't overbearing.


interiors trends 2018 statement ceilings interiors trends 2018 statement ceilings interiors trends 2018 statement ceilings interiors trends 2018 statement ceilings

We love this interior trend 2018, if you want more statement ceilings Greg Natale does this with true beauty... (As he does everything) Check out his Instagram below for inspiring interiors!

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interiors trends 2018 botanicalsinteriors trends 2018 botanicalsWe all know the health benefits to adding some botanicals to your boudoir, but this interior trend has soared from a design perspective, an increase in over 500% in related searches on Pinterest over the last year.

Tropical patterns and prints were a huge design trend of 2017 (be that plants, pineapples or pink flamingos) and it's looking like it's going to be a big year for the plants yet again. In addition to the tropical motifs you'll be very familiar with, if you want to nail this look in 2018, get yourself a Swiss Cheese plant alongside the palms!

The humble leaf is everywhere. A very easy trend to incorporate in your interiors, plants, fabrics, bed linen, wallpaper and even accessories are in abundance.

interiors trends 2018 botanicalsinteriors trends 2018 botanicalsinteriors trends 2018 botanicalsinteriors trends 2018 botanicals

What to get some creatives with your swiss cheese plant decorating.... Check out these Instagram lovelies for inspo!

Ice-Cream Colours

interiors trends 2018 ice cream coloursTime to pick your favourite flavour of Gelato.... Step up ice cream interiors.... Really! This mouthwatering interior trend is heading straight from the runway (the catwalks not Aéroporti di Roma 😉) into people homes. Are you a menta, limone or fruiti di bosco?

Just like gelato, why choose one? It's always better when you have more than one scoop. We think the key to success with this trend is all or nothing, different pieces in different gelato colours. Stick to just one hue and it's be bright and bold but not necessarily the quirky contrast that signifies this look. If this is a step to far and you need more calm in your home, perhaps use as a pop of colour combining with off whites for a tamed down look. Think about the whole look by paying attention to light through to dark elements too, when considering your colours, a dark wood floor against clean white paint work with bold colours would add balance and ground it. 

If you want in inject some summer fun and sun into your interiors, this is definitely a trend for you!

interiors trends 2018 ice cream coloursinteriors trends 2018 ice cream coloursinteriors trends 2018 ice cream coloursinteriors trends 2018 ice cream colours

If you are a fan of the bold and beautiful and are looking for your next Instagram fix, you'll love Kelly Wearstler. Her daring use of colour and bold design is unmistakable.  "Author, outré fashion plate, branding virtuoso (from sheets to jewelry), and decorator and muse - Wearstler cuts a profile as colorful as those of her clients." - Architectural Digest


We are totally obsessed with fringing. Not a huge trend at the moment but watch this space! We are seeing bullion fringing in a big way, it's having a resurgence. When it starts making it's way into the schemes of top designers, you can be sure the fabric and trim companies will follow suit and I am waiting for the samples to start arriving on my desk! Are you a fringing fanatic?

interiors trends 2018 fringinginteriors trends 2018 fringinginteriors trends 2018 fringinginteriors trends 2018 fringing

We love Jonathon Adler, he is a self taught interior designer with no formal qualification showing us all how modern American glamour is done... Check out his Facebook page and great collections. If you want to spend a couple of hours working out your next interiors move, he's definitely one to follow over on Instagram.

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As the season progresses so will the trends, we'll keep you updated every step of the way. If you would like to find out how you can become the next Jonathon Adler, head on over to Casa Creatives Club to find out about our amazing new community of creatives! Come and meet the team of designers that do this day in day out, we're a friendly bunch and can't wait to get to know you.... We've got a fabulous new designer joining our team too with a passion for teaching and inspiring.... We'll have more details on developments soon.

Happy designing

Jules X